I like coffee

Bio: I'm just you're everyday nerd girl trying to figure out my place in this world. I'm about to turn 26 again this year even though my 7 year old keeps insisting that doesn't add up with what it says on my divers license. When did they start teaching kids math anyway? So yeah, in addition to being a single mom of our future world dictator, my other accomplishments include: having enough associates degrees that I could probably make a pretty good piñata if any of my classes had been on paper mache, and something like 300 hours on Fallout 4. Let me be clear here for a second, that's 300 hours logged through Steam. I'm primarily a PC gamer (yes I built my own rig), I own a PS3 (the big reverse compatible one). So yeah, I just wanted to make sure you have a clear picture of what I mean when I say I'm a nerd so you don't get to envisioning me over here playing Kingdom Hearts on Xbox or something like that..... I'm also a bit of a political science dork, I have my only Bachelors in Middle Eastern studies which is a Polisci/International Relations heavy field. So I do talk about things from that perspective occasionally, though my views tend to be a little different than your average American Polisci scholar. I generally attribute my unique outlook to my life experience *cough*I'm in the military*cough* which I also blog about. Currently I'm working on my Master's in Criminal Justice because I'm fascinated by serial killers among other things. So that's another subject you'll see me rambling on about from time to time in addition to the more general nerd things.

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